Corporate Governance

At Delek Logistics Partners, LP, we are commited to maintaining the highest ethical standards in the management of our businesses. Our Board governance guidelines, code of business conduct and ethics, and Board commitee charters are each a component of a broader corporate commitment to protecting the best interests of our key stakeholders who, having entrusted us with the task of long-term value creation, rely on us to support a corporate culture that rewards accountability and our adherence to the fiduciary duties required of those managing a world-class organization. By encouraging a high degree of operational transparency and strong corporate governance, we seek to engender a culture of personal and collective responsibility at work and in the communities in which we live.

Governance Guidelines:

The Board of Directors of Delek Logistics Partners, LP has adopted the Governance Guidelines to assist it in carrying out its responsibilities overseeing the business affairs and management of the Partnership and its subsidiaries. The principles and policies set forth in the Governance Guidelines are intended to enhance the Board’s ability to govern effectively and ethically on behalf of our key stakeholders.

PDF: Corporate Governance Guidelines

Code of Business Conduct & Ethics:

The Code of Business Conduct & Ethics is designed to codify the ethical standards and practices desired of our employees, officers, and Board members. The code is intended to promote good-faith actions which reflect our core corporate values as an organization, while also serving as a guidepost for legal compliance purposes. By adhering to the standards set forth in this code, our Board of Directors believes members of our organization will be well-positioned to make sound, ethical judgments that are aligned with the best interests of Delek Logistics and its key stakeholders.

PDF: Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Audit Commitee Charter:

The Audit Commitee assists the Board’s oversight of multiple duties, some of which include determining the quality and integrity of our financial statements; the disclosure and reporting process, including our disclosure controls and procedures; the internal controls and procedures for financial reporting; the performance of the Partnership’s internal audit function; supervision and review of an independent auditor; and our compliance with policies stipulated under our “Code of Business Conduct and Ethics” and legal/regulatory requirements.

PDF: Audit Committee Charter

Members of the Audit Commitee:

Charles Brown, Ron Haddock, Sherri Brillon (Chair)

Conflicts Commitee Charter:

The Conflicts Committee carries out the duties of the Agreement of the Limited Partnership related to potential conflicts of interest. At the request of the Board will review and act upon any conflicts of interest between Delek US Holdings, Inc. and the Partnership. Advise the Board on actions taken and ensures the actions are fair, reasonable, and legitimate interests of the Partnership.

PDF: Conflicts Committee Charter

Members of the Conflicts Commitee:

Sherri Brillon, Eric Gadd, Gennifer Kelly, Charles Brown (Chair)

Governance and Compensation Commitee Charter:

The Governance and Compensation Commitee assist the Board by identifying individuals qualified to become Board members, recommends to the Board director nominees for each Board commitee, recommends to the Board, oversees a set of effective corporate governance policies and procedures applicable to the Board’s Governance Guidelines, and works with management to ensure fair compensation practices that reflect management and the Partnership philosophy, competitive practice, and regulatory requirements.

PDF: Governance and Compensation Committee Charter

Members of Governance and Compensation Commitee

Sherri Brillon, Charles Brown, Eric Gadd, Ron Haddock (Chair)

Environmental, Health and Safety Commitee Charter:

The Environmental, Health and Safety Commitee assists the Board by overseeing management’s establishment and administration of the Partnership’s environmental, health and safety (“EHS”) policies, programs, and initiatives.

PDF: Environmental, Health and Safety Committee Charter

Members of the Environmental, Health and Safety Commitee:

Ron Haddock, Gennifer Kelly, Eric Gadd (Chair)

Technology Commitee Charter:

The Technology Commitee assists the Board in overseeing management’s establishment and administration of the Partnership’s policies, programs, procedures, and initiatives with respect to digitalization, technology, and information security.

PDF: Technology Committee Charter

Members of the Technology Commitee:

Sherri Brillon, Fred Green, Gennifer Kelly (Chair)

Commitee Composition:


Clawback Policy:

PDF: Clawback Policy